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I cannot say enough about Kris & her skills to help heal. The damage of 3 car wrecks left my neck & back with bulging discs, a constant 6 on the pain scale of 1-10. Not wanting metal at such a young age, rejecting a life of drugs, I found Kris & we started. Movement was slow & many times my eyes stung with tears but after, I always felt better. Unable to turn my neck, her knowledge of positions & postures guided me 2 days a week. Little did we know her skills would then be challenged as breast cancer left scar tissue on one side & the inability to ever stretch past it. Kris is one of the best decisions of my life and the knowledge she instilled makes my daily life possible. My pain moved from a constant 6, almost now to maybe a 1 on a day I push physical activity too far. If you are willing to do the hard work, if you are tired of being in pain & worn from it, she can show you the way to take control of your body and live a higher quality life.

Lara M James Oklahoma

I was so fortunate to have Kris work with me for over five years. She is simply the best.
Dr. Craig Abbott, Oklahoma City, OK

Before starting yoga with Kris, I lifted some weights and did some cardio. I was in okay shape but I knew there had to be more. Friends encouraged me to go to yoga classes, which I did, a couple times. I seem to be a slow learner. Classes left me confused, behind everyone else, and discouraged. I dropped out. Personal instruction, at least in the beginning, was needed. I found Kris, thankfully. I am in my 60’s and pretty big.

Her style of instruction, for me, focused on posture, poses, and stress relieving exercises. I need all three. Like any great teacher, she taught foundation and step-by-step progress. She is hands on and intuitive. She seems to know just how far to push. She is a stickler for detail, which I need because I tend to cheat toward the lazy side if given the opportunity.

Kris is an extraordinary instructor. Your life, under her instruction, will be healthier and happier. She is compassionate, caring and friendly. Thank you Kris for all you did for me.

Michael E.

Oklahoma City, OK

“Kris, you are a very gifted yoga teacher. You teach to all levels and truly take the time to give each individual what they need. I always feel totally renewed & relaxed after every class. I feel thankful and very lucky to have such a professional caliber of yoga teacher right here in our community. You have enriched & enhanced the quality of my life.”

Myra Roberts, Sanibel, FL

”I was fortunate to have Kris as my personal trainer, before she relocated to Sanibel. While she “worked her magic” I was fit, energetic, eating properly and on top of my game.  The most cherished gift Kris exudes is focusing on her client, as form and posture are everything. Since she departed to pursue her career in Florida, I have yet to find anyone who can come close to her (i.e. exercise, alignment, achieving goals & motivation). Kris is a cut above the rest – truly the best! And I miss her desperately. Whoever her client base is currently, count your blessings. And regard her professional expertise to be the best of the best!”

Lydia Jarkow, Eatonton, GA

" Kris is a vibrant and professional fitness instructor. I could always rely on her to provide excellent instruction and reliability in her services. She adds to her talent a passion for health and wellness, personal discipline and natural interpersonal skills."

Susie Arnold Phelps, Del Webb, Lake Oconee, Greensboro, GA

"The part I missed the most about having instructors after you, was that they all seemed to be laissez-faire about doing the poses correctly. You, on the other hand, accepted that all of us could not, and would not, have perfect form, but continued to show and coach us to do it correctly. For lack of a better word, you conducted your classes in a professional manner, always bringing a lesson plan to follow, rather than ‘winging’ it. I miss the structure of your classes, and over the several years I took lessons from you, I think I progressed as much as a 50+ year old man can! I could do any pose, just not all of them well!!! I really enjoyed and benefited from my classes with you and really miss them!”

Ernie Williamson, Fort Wayne, IN

“When I met Kris I had been working out almost exclusively with cardio on my own and thought I was in great shape. Kris was able to get me on a complete program that incorporated weight training and stretching along with my cardio. Needless to say I was not in as good a shape as I had thought. This was evident especially in the area of flexibility. Kris encouraged me and made me feel good about myself throughout our relationship and I showed great improvement in all areas. She is very knowledgeable and I was never injured in the course of the year that she trained me. I highly recommend Kris.”

Will Lombard, Madison, GA

“I have taken yoga classes on and off for over 30 years. Kris' guidance reveals her knowledge of yoga practice in mind, body, and spirit. Her knowledge of anatomy and her ability to integrate it into a full yoga practice is wonderful. With Kris' help I have gained flexibility, improved my posture and sense of well being. She is a great teacher, gently encouraging and helping each class member to achieve the best practice possible. She is a 'hands on' teacher and individualizes her teaching to meet all level of needs. Most of all, I find that Kris' classes motivate me to integrate the benefits of yoga into my life outside of class. She is a fabulous teacher and the best I have ever experienced!"

Suzanne Dubuc, Sanibel, FL

“I have always been actively involved with various exercise programs (weights, biking and swimming) and have tried numerous Yoga classes throughout the years with very little success. My lifelong problem has been poor flexibility, poor posture and constant stiffness and pain in my shoulders and neck. These physical problems and more came to an end when I attended the first Fitness Twist class in November 2009 directed by Kris Brown; it was the first day of my body’s life. Kris Brown is the ultimate professional, she doesn’t just instruct, she makes us aware of our body by methodically explaining each and every move as it relates to our body. Kris is extremely knowledgeable about the human body and how it functions and shares this information in layman’s terms in every show, tell and try session. I am now very much aware of my body, standing tall and pain free and continually getting the most out of it. I learned early on that Kris is dedicated to the wellness and good health of her students and stresses the proper stretching routines throughout each Yoga routine. I strongly recommend Kris Brown’s Fitness Twist Yoga classes for anyone who wants to get the best use of their body and life.”

Mike DeTommaso, Sanibel, FL

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  • Workout one-on-one with your Fitness Professional in the comfort of your own home. Not home? I can meet you WHEREVER you are… on your lunch break, between appointments, on vacation, even while dinner is in the oven. No sitting in traffic, no rearranging your schedule to go to the gym, no worries trying to find a class while you’re on vacation. This Online Personal Training Program is designed for your lifestyle.

  • Today, Corporate Wellness Programs are the “new benefit” in compensation packages for all employees. As an employer, it makes sense to offer resources towards keeping employees healthier and more productive while reducing the cost of health care.

  • Yoga therapy is fundamentally different from conventional medicine in its approach to injury. Rather than attempt to isolate the cause of an injury to a single factor and to correct it using a specific cure, yoga aims to treat injury by working with the body’s natural healing systems and improving health on all levels.

  • As your Fitness Professional I believe that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The best defense against aging and disability is a good offense! I am proud to announce that I have been working in the senior communities since 2007 and have provided personal coaching and rehabilitation to those who are currently active and looking to improve their lives or those who are starting to be challenged with day to day tasks.

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