Welcome to Fitness Twist, where all of your mind-body needs are met by fusing fitness and "Mindful Movement." Our goal is to help you LIVE mindfully, not just simply moving or trying some fad diet. We offer a "twist" to your traditional routine by creating individual programs that blend yoga, Pilates, breath techniques, meditation and body sculpting. Living mindfully is about embracing change with a flexible mind and being present in the body. This approach is the only way to achieve your health and wellness goals.

Working in the fitness industry since 2002, Punta Gorda, FL based trainer Kris Brown, combines her passion of anatomy, psychology, yoga and mindful movement into her style of teaching. Kris seamlessly weaves elements of discipline, strength, flexibility and grace into each carefully designed, personalized, session. Her intention is to help each individual find their own inner strength, flexibility and stability to both body & mind, the same way that it has helped her during her own personal journey of physical and mental transformation.


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